A beekeeper who uses digital tools and technology to help monitor and manage a collection of hives. Also: bee hacker.
beehacking pp.
Example Citations:
Ordinary beekeepers may need high-tech help, but it's not clear how they can afford it.
Tom Rearick, an electrical engineer, and some fellow "beehackers" are trying to change all that.
—Paul Wallich, " Beehackers:," IEEE Spectrum, May 1, 2011
This site explores the confluence of beekeeping and technology.
Beehacker, " Welcome To BeeHacker.Com:,", September 11, 2010
Earliest Citation:
Here's a few tricks.
(All of them exploit known bee behavior "errors", so this could be called "bee hacking".)
—Jim Fischer, " position of new hives after a split:," Beesource, March 9, 2005
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